Lee Sherlock

Strength & Conditioning Coach


Lee holds an undergraduate degree in BSc. in Athletic Therapy and Training from DCU. This allowed him to become an expert in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal injuries. This January, he hopes to start a MSc. in Sports Performance in UL, to continue learning more and more. He currently works as Strength and Conditioning (S&C) coach for Sligo All-Stars Senior Men’s, Head Athletic Therapist and S&C coach for Sligo Senior and U20 Hurlers, S&C coach of the Sligo U16 development squad, and offer Sports Performance coaching in ROM gym.

 “I will always describe myself to people primarily as an Athletic Therapist, and have worked mainly with teams in Sligo and further afield in this role. But great thing about that course in DCU is that it offered modules on elements of sports science and training methods, such as Sport and Exercise Physiology, Sport and Exercise Biomechanics, and Conditioning Science, to name but a few. I also spent time learning outside of college, doing small weekend or refresher courses, as I have always had a love, and interest in training. The combination of all of those elements has given me the tools to be able to use what I have learned to help athletes reach their full potential, to perform at the highest level of their sport. 

Being able to rehabilitate an injured athlete back to full health, and return to their previous level of performance will always be a massively rewarding feeling, but I also have that same feeling when I see one of my athletes hit a personal best in the weight room or in performance testing! I count myself very lucky that I can work with teams as an Athletic Therapist, and/or S&C coach”.

Contact Info

Email : ljsherlock@gmail.com