TOP 10 with Keith Jordan Jr

Playing professional basketball requires a lot of training, focus and preparation. Here’s our Top Ten bits of inspiration from Keith Jordan.
  1. THE POWER OF SIBLING RIVALRY– I would say my older sister brought me to basketball first. She used to play with me in the back yard. The competitiveness of that made me love it. Then watching Lebron James growing up too made me come to basketball as well.
  2. JUMP START-Not everyone knows that I was a high jumper in college. It helped me with being more explosive.
  3. OFF SEASON ROUTINES-I actually train a lot in the off-season. I do different types of workouts whether is a pool workout, running hills, sand workouts. It varies along with lifting weights and working on different drills on the basketball court.
  4. TAKING CARE OF YOU-I think my favourite routine or exercise off the court would probably be a massage. It feels nice and helps with recovery.
  5. H20 & PROTEIN-After a tough workout I’ll probably drink a lot of water and eat a protein bar.
  6. TOP TIP-I think the best basketball/fitness tip I’ve received to stay healthy and in shape was taking care of my body. Whether that’s taking ice baths, stretching , yoga, etc. That helped me just recover faster and be able to play the game longer and with minimal injuries.
  7. BREAKFAST-What do you eat for breakfast to get you going for the day?
    For breakfast I would normally would eat oatmeal or porridge. Something quick unless I got a little extra time then I’ll make a big breakfast.
  8. POST GAME REWARDS-My favourite post-work out/ post-game meal? Chipotle or chic fil a.
  9. THE FUN STUFF-To stay active my family and I like to take trips to Cedar point amusement park. Or Florida to just have fun and decompress a little bit.
  10. THE LOVE FOR THE GAME-I think my favourite part about playing basketball is meeting so many different people and helping someone’s game develop. But I honestly just love the game everything about it.


Interview by  Armando Garcia-Cornelius & Peter Cummings for the Sligo All Stars Youth Academy

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