A Day in the Life of Zack Powell

Ever wondered how professional basketball players go about their day? We spoke to EJ Sligo All Stars Division one player Zack Powell about his daily routines.


6:15am: I wake up Mon-Fri, shower and get myself ready for the day.

6:30am: I don’t eat breakfast straight away, morning fast till after I train ⛹🏾‍♂️🏋🏾‍♂️

7am: I warm up, stretch, work on ball handling for 20 minutes

7:30am: spot up and off the dribble shooting for the remaining hour or sometimes 45 minutes  

8:30am: I take my bicycle to cycle to the ROM Sligo gym to work out with my team-mates and Lee Sherlock the strength and conditioning coach for EJ Sligo All Stars.  

8:50am: already warm from biking 🚴 it over there so go straight into my lifts if it’s lower body for example I would start with split lunges and super set them with jumping pogos, move onto deadlifts and super set with weighted jumps etc

1pm: lunch- depending on what day it is I eat a sponsored meal, sometimes feel like a butter milk chicken sandwich served with chips sometimes feel like a pasta with cheese 🧀 it’s varies

I’ll be home now taking a 30-40 minute nap after a warm shower 🚿

Spend time editing videos using iMovie or Phonto which I upload on YouTube to keep my sanity and time filled with things to do

7-9pm training: training would normally consist of shooting for the warm up then breakdown of plays we run then play 5v5 against each other with whatever play we are running to see different looks on the play. run through sets scout the other team etc.

9.30/10pm: After training I just cycle home hit the shower, eat dinner 🍽 stretch again if I feel stiff then go sleep ready for the next day

12:30pm– I go to bed generally at 12:30 just because I still be up editing videos or talking to my girlfriend


IMAGES COURTESY OF Zack Powell via Instagram

a little info


My name is Zackary Powell and I am a point guard who played for Manchester Giants for 2 years in the first years of being a professional basketball player. Before that I played for Aston Manor Academy under coaches Paul Douglas & Curtis Xavier for three seasons in the ABL. I’m originally from Jamaica moved to the UK when I was three years old straight to Birmingham where I essentially was raised. At the age of 16-18 I played for Team Birmingham Elite we got to the Final Four of the country and was placed 4th.

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