About our Club

Our Mission Statement and Values
Sligo All Stars Basketball Club was established in 1965. The club currently has 340 members and a small waiting list of potential members in most age groups. We play in the men’s National league and we have men and women’s teams playing in local leagues. A wide range of boys and girls teams are accommodated in a range of under age competitions. The minimum age for club membership is seven years of age. The club is managed by an executive committee under the leadership of the chairman. The club is a Company Limited by Guarantee . We are a club of volunteers who act as managers, coaches ,advisors and supporters of all members and in doing so we hope to make a positive contribution to our community.
Sligo All Stars Basketball Club is a welcoming  place where we seek to engage respectfully with people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and abilities. We believe that this will deepen our understanding and appreciation of others, motivate us to embrace our differences and make us richer for the experience.
Head coach Shane O’Meara says:
“My dream for our club is to continue to build on our success to date. We have grown year on year since 2006 and it’s great to see former players giving back. I have always told my players that they will be the club’s best coaches in years to come and I hope we can develop a culture of “giving back” as they progress through their careers. Ideally I would love to see our county develop the game at parochial level under the umbrella of Sligo All-Stars, enabling us to establish our own local leagues at under age level initially.”
Sligo All Stars

Mission Statement


  1. To promote and provide playing opportunities to individuals  of all abilities and ages and to enhance  the sporting experience of all club members.
  2. The club will foster the growth and development of Basketball in Sligo County, providing learning opportunities in a safe, equitable and child friendly environment.
  3. To provide basketball within Sligo by providing an environment where all individuals can play recreationally and competitively whilst maintaining a safe, child friendly and equitable environment.
  4. To provide opportunities for all members to reach their full potential.
  5. Sligo All Stars Basketball Club CLG is committed to providing the best possible environment for our members to reach their maximum playing potential through excellence in coaching and support.

Fitness & Confidence

We promote self confidence through the love of the game in all our players. By encouraging them in their fitness journey and passion for the game we help guide them to achieving their goals and help promote better mental health through basketball. 



Accessable – All questions about our club are welcome

Accountable-We will be transparent about what, how and why we operate the way we do.

Dedication-We expect all members to make a commitment  to the club, it’s values and it’s teams

Enjoyable –Participation should enhance our members natural enjoyment of our sport

Excellence-We set, work towards and endeavor to achieve the highest standards at all times

Integrity-We act in a fair ,consistant and transparent manner.

Professional- Club representatives will conduct themselves in all their dealings in a way that confers and earns respect and demonstrates integrity.

Service oriented-Participants should feel that they get the best possible  experience and good value for the time and money that they have committed to the club.

Passion for the Game

The passion for the game is a powerful tool for young and old alike. We celebrate this in our team.


Team work is core to our approach and we teach togetherness and support for each other in all our teams


We believe basketball is an inclusive sport and invite all players of all abilities to join us in the game